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The Two Most Common Sexual Issues That Men Are Worried About.

Emese Taylor, 12 June 2017

As a man, there is a great deal of pressure to be able to perform in the bedroom. We are constantly bombarded with images of male virility that are unobtainable for most of us and as such it is very easy to be overly critical and let these anxieties get in the way of our relationships.

As well as damaging the ego, many sexual issues can also serve as an early warning for a variety of health concerns, the majority of which can be easily treated. As with any body issue, it is wise to lean towards the side of caution and speak to your GP if you have anything worrying you but there are often other causes that can be examined and worked through.

Erectile dysfunction is probably the most well known of these issues and the one which men are most likely to worry about. The phallus has been a symbol of potency since the dawn of time and if there are even small concerns in this regard the effects can be devastating.

Even experiencing this one time can lead to a circle of anxious thoughts that can overtake you in a moment of passion, blocking out any concern for the pleasure of yourself and your partner and replacing it with what is known as performance anxiety.

Rather than feeling embarrassed by this or attempting to divert attention away from the issue, talk with your partner and explain that you want to approach things with a more relaxed attitude, to allow things to develop in their own pace rather than performing to order.

Whilst there are medical causes to the issue that can be explored and there are other lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, smoking and over exposure to pornography, the issue is not at all uncommon amongst those in long term relationships and for many is an expected part of growing close to someone. Treated compassionately by both yourself and your partner, ED doesn’t have to be the disaster you might think it is!

The second most common issue for men is that of premature ejaculation. For many of us, the orgasm is seen as being the purpose of an erotic encounter and as such having the event come to a close before both partners wish it to can be frustrating for everyone involved.

Causes can range from abstinence, to over sensitivity and sheer random occurrence and whilst medication and other treatments are available many suggest a shift in attitude when it comes to prioritizing orgasm.

As with many issues, confidence and comfort are key. Make sure that you are both open about the matter and remember that you certainly are not alone when it comes to dealing with this.

At the London Love School, we would be more than happy to talk with you about the problem and help you find a solution in our friendly and relaxed environment. Click HERE to find out about how we can help you.

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