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Fees & Payment

Our courses are flexible and we provide many different options for Students. All our 12-week courses are eligible for payment plans and we ask only for Student to commit to 4 sessions at a time, making courses affordable and accessible.

Initial Consultation

The charge is £95 for an initial consultation, the session will last for one hour. During this meeting, we will formulate a tailored plan based on your needs. We are also able to discuss payment, including our payment plans.

Payment plans

We offer an easy-payment plan for our in-depth 12-week coaching programmes – Relationship Issues, Problems with Sex, Dating Skills, Sexual Confidence, and Personal Confidence

We ask participants to commit to only 4 sessions at a time making our services very affordable for people on an average income.  Fees may also vary according to your particular needs.

12 Week Sessions

Prices listed are based on a 12-week plan, though this may vary depending on your needs. One-off 95-minute sessions are normally charged at £150, which reduces to £125 when you commit to longer interaction.

  12 Week Sessions £s Duration
Relationship Issues 1500 12 weeks x 95 mins
Dating Skills 1500 12 weeks x 95 mins
Sexual Confidence 1500 12 weeks x 95 mins
Problems with sex 1500 12 weeks x 95 mins
Personal Confidence 1500 12 weeks x 95 mins
Overcome depression 1500 12 weeks x 95 mins
Overcome anxiety 1500 12 weeks x 95 mins

One Off Sessions

The short coaching subjects below are priced at £150 for a 95-minute session. Some require only one session, others may need up to four sessions depending on your needs.

Short Course
Conversation skills
Cooking for Dates
Dating Etiquette
Dating Profile Photography
Home makeover
Improve your social life
Personal makeover
Profile writing
The Art of Flirting
Understanding women