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Dating During the Christmas Period.

Emese Taylor, 14 December 2017

Christmas can be a stressful time for everyone. For those in an established relationship, the traumas of arranging celebrations and negotiating the often difficult path of family affairs can be a trial unto themselves and those who find themselves single can also find the festive period to be a difficult time for them.

Let’s take a look at a few different tips that can help you through the Xmas period.

If you are Single…

It can be tough being alone at Christmas. There are constant reminders of happy couples and thriving families that can very easily get under your skin and for many there will be memories and reminders of happier times they have had in the past that seem distant now.

However, it certainly is not all doom and gloom! Being alone at this time of year will keep you safe from potentially exasperated tensions, the headache of shopping for the perfect Christmas gift and a dozen other potential minefields to navigate.

So treat yourself for once. Buy that expensive Brandy you enjoy, don’t skimp on the Christmas treats for yourself and remember that the New Year is just around the corner. Make this the time to find a special someone, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be the only one looking for a new relationship in the new year!

If you are in a New Relationship…

This is also an awkward time for those newly attached. Some people will find themselves stressing over how much money to spend on presents at this stage – spending too much might make you seem too keen (a cardinal sin in the complex world of dating!), though too little could make you look bad as well. A personal present is always a good idea, so use your knowledge of your new partner to try and pick out something that will not only surprise them, but also let them know you have been paying attention!

Also, don’t feel compelled to rush into inviting your new partner to your families Christmas event. With the blossoming of new love you might well want to show off your new other half to your relatives, but it’s probably wiser to not thrust them into what can already be an “eventful” situation.

If you are in a Long Term Relationship…

You are probably used to traversing the festive period by now. Maybe you have gotten into something of a rut, with the same presents every year, the same routines and expectations. There is nothing wrong with this and many find the comfort of such traditions to be warm and reassuring, but maybe, just maybe, it would be nice to surprise your other half sometime?

You could plan a short break, maybe a daytrip on boxing day, a trip to the theater or a local Christmas themed attraction to really make the most of that Christmas spirit.

There is nothing to stop you spicing things up in the bedroom either, with this time of year being the perfect occasion for new lingerie or maybe trying out something extra naughty in the bedroom – though maybe tread carefully with this if you are spending the season with family or you might finding yourself becoming an anecdote giggled over across the Christmas dinner table for years to come.

Whatever you may find yourself doing this Christmas, remember to keep calm and respectful to those around you, keep an eye on your alcohol intake to make sure you are in control of your emotions and most of all, have some fun and treat yourself.

Happy Christmas from us at the London Love School.

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