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The importance of an effective dating profile photo.

Emese Taylor, 07 June 2017

In the highly competitive world of online dating you need to take advantage of every tool available to you and one of the strongest means at your disposal is to make sure you have a high quality profile photo to attract your potential soul mate.

It is very common for people to take a great deal of time and effort researching which dating website to join and meticulously writing their profile only to be let down by a series of poor quality photos that will ensure their profile will receive little attention.

If you have browsed either an online dating web site or used a mobile app, you will know how easy it is to skip over photos that don’t appeal to you and this is why it’s exceedingly important to make the most of your first impression.

Here are a few examples of dos and don’ts to keep in mind, to maximize your chance for love!

Which photos to use.

The immediate answer might seem to be “The ones in which I look the most attractive.” but as with many aspects of the dating game this is not the full story. A photograph conveys much more than simple visual appeal, it can tell a story and reveal something of you as a person.

If you enjoy sports as a hobby then consider including an image to show this. Not only will it make you come across as active but will also show that you enjoy socializing and having fun, two qualities desirable in a partner.

Are you a keen chef? Then a casual image displaying your culinary skills would be a great choice as would images of yourself with your instrument if you are a musician.

Avoid using photos of yourself with other people. The focus should be on you and only you and whilst images of yourself in public places can be a great way to demonstrate an out going personality, photos of you with others will just prove a distraction.

Less can be more!

Over 75% of women polled said that they found racy or revealing photographs to be a turn off. As tempting as it might be to flex your pecks for the camera try to keep it classy guys!

It’s also a common mistake for women dating online to use more raunchy images, but this is bound to put across the wrong impression and gain you clicks for the wrong reason.

Variety keeps things interesting!

You’ll want to include a selection of images in your profile. Once we have managed to attract interest with a strong profile image we need to help build your brand with a range of other photos to make you stand out.

So as well as the expected head and shoulders shot, include some to feature your whole self, an image of you engaged in an activity (which could be as simple as you reading a book to putting across your more intellectual side or relaxing on a balcony with a glass of wine) and images of you in a selection of environments and outfits.

You’ll want to mix up your wardrobe, not only to show off the different looks you enjoy but also to make sure the images don’t all appear to have been taken during the same afternoon!

Consider a professional photographer

Studies have shown that selfies and poorly shot images are a major turn off for both men and women browsing dating sites. Whilst asking friends to help out by taking a few snap shots of you might seem like a quick and simple solution, you’ll often be let down by the results and find yourself with substandard images that will see you left behind.

A professional photographer will have years of experience when it comes to flattering posses, proper lighting and composition and a host of techniques to bring out the best in you.

Whilst for some the concept of a photoshoot can seem daunting, a good photographer will be used to dealing with all sorts of individuals and will be able to put you at ease and produce the results you need.

At the London Love School we have partnered with a professional photographer and we can arrange a casual laid back photoshoot to provide such images. Find out more about this service by browsing our Dating Skills section Here.

Use a recent photograph

It’s generally accepted that an image over a year old is too out of date to be of use. Whilst you might have an attachment to a certain image that you feel expresses your inner self, if it is noticeably different from how you look today then any dates it helps you gain won’t go particularly well.

Bite the bullet and have some recent images produced – it will be worth it in the long run!

Closing thoughts

For some, having their photograph taken can be an awkward experience, but it is a vital element in your adventure to find love. It’s also very common for a new set of photos to help revitalize you on your quest for fulfillment, so dust of those glad rags, strike a pose and step up your dating game to the next level!

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