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Six simple ways to boost your confidence

Emese Taylor, 02 June 2017

A simple fact of that is that we all struggle with our confidence. Even the most extroverted and outgoing amongst us struggle with self-esteem, and life can seem like a daily battle to keep your head up. Here at the London Love School we’re all about helping you to feel good and find that inner confidence. While it can take a lifetime’s work to achieve constant confidence, there are some simple little things you can do throughout your day that will give you an instant confidence boost.

1. Change your body language

Changing the way you hold yourself overall can take time and effort, but even slight changes to your body language can help to improve how you feel. Simply sitting up straight, putting your shoulders back, and keeping your head level can give you an instant confidence boost.

2. Do some visualisations

If you’re working up to a goal, visualising the success you want to see has proven benefits. So, whether you’ve got to give a presentation, want to finish a marathon, or even work up the courage to speak to someone you like, envisaging yourself doing it can give you a much-needed confidence boost and help you reach that goal. The more detail your visualisation has, the better!

3. Make a list

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, writing down things that you’re proud of or things that you like about yourself can really help to lift your mood and boost your confidence. Then, whenever your confidence takes a hit, you can refer back to the list for a quick pick-me-up!

4. Spruce yourself up

You don’t have to have a complete image overhaul to achieve this. Even a simple spritz of perfume, doing your hair a little differently, or wearing a new pair of shoes can do the trick. While appearances aren’t everything, looking good on the outside can often make you feel better on the inside, too.

5. Practice affirmations

Affirmations have become somewhat of a buzz topic in recent years, but they really do work. Find a positive phrase that you connect with and say it out loud to yourself. In front of the mirror often works best. Doing this daily is a quick and simple way to find that all important confidence.

6. Just smile

While you might not always feel like it, giving a smile can help brighten your day and boost your confidence. Smiling helps to project a confident image to others which, in turn, can help you to feel more confident on the inside. Plus, with a winning smile, you never know who you might attract!

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