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London Love School offers professional, practical dating advice.

Emese Taylor, 29 March 2017

The dating game may be constantly changing, but the basics remain ever the same. The London Love School is helping those nervous about securing a date and making an excellent first impression. Backed by years of experience and led by a trained psychologist and coach, the school offers a dedicated place to head for practical advice that those seeking a relationship know they can rely on.

In today’s world of online dating and apps, there can be an even greater pressure on those working up the courage to ask someone on a date. It’s an area that Emese Taylor, Founder of London Love School, recognised and set about creating a solution for. With a range of carefully crafted one-on-one courses, including one dedicated to dating skills, the London Love School delivers a unique way to coach the lonely hearted and bring them success on the dating scene.

Taylor said, “In my line of work I’ve come across many men who are naturally shy and as a result they feel nervous when it comes to relationships. Confidence plays a huge role in dating success and building self-esteem is a core part of what we do throughout the duration of the dating skills course. But we go far beyond this to cover vital topics such as the art of flirting, dating etiquette, and how to write the perfect online profile for success. The combination of areas covered over 12 weeks sets customers up for love and calming the usual nerves and anxiety the accompany dating.”

London Love School takes a unique approach to coaching, using engaging methods to ensure clients feel comfortable from the outset. Delivering interactive quizzes, games, and practical instruction at each student’s own pace, giving the flexibility to focus on areas where further development is needed. Lasting 12 weeks, with sessions running for an hour and a half each, the course is comprehensive and concentrates on knowledge that is both practical and can be applied to real life situations. Through implementing her expert insights, Taylor has achieved a 100% success rate.

Low Self Esteem or Falling Out of Love with Yourself.

It's often said that we can be our own worst enemies and this is never the more the case than when it comes to our mental health and well being.

Dating During the Christmas Period.

Christmas can be a stressful time for everyone. For those in an established relationship, the traumas of arranging celebrations and negotiating the often difficult path of family affairs can be a trial unto themselves and those who find themselves single can also find the festive period to be a difficult time for them.

Common Fears in a Relationship and how to Conquer them.

For many of us, a lasting relationship is a primary aspiration. For some, this will be due to their desire for companionship, for others a pursuit that results in children of their own. It is not uncommon for a relationship to be viewed as a culmination of everything one has worked towards; studying hard for a good education, striving for progression in the work place and building a comfortable home can all be seen as pieces to a larger puzzle that make up the foundations of a solid relationship.

Forgiving After a Betrayal.

To be cheated on by your partner, someone to whom you have given your trust and your love is a terrible betrayal. More than just a thoughtless act, it sets in motion a series of complex and increasingly toxic feelings, breaking down everything you have worked so hard to nurture and causing deep wounds that many simply can't recover from.