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Sexual Confidence

A lack of sexual confidence can often hinder our search to find a romantic partner.

Many people experience fears around sex, expressing anxiety about their sexual desires and concern about their abilities in the bedroom.

These feelings often leave us feeling unable to take the leap that is needed to start a relationship.


A lack of sexual confidence can be crippling for some and in extreme cases can lead to an anxiety over what is meant to be an enjoyable and natural part of a healthy lifestyle. I will help you to work through issues related to self-esteem, flirting, skills as a lover, sexual shyness and shame, sexual assertiveness and self-image.

I offer a highly engaging and interactive experience with quizzes, games and practical instruction which helps to embed learning. I believe that a flexible approach, delivered at your own pace, is more conducive to the healing process.

I find an adaptive approach to our technique to be beneficial and are more than happy to spend more time on particular units, if this is helpful to you and your goals.

Real-life experience is sometimes useful and I am able to arrange assistance with Practice Dates.

Individual sessions are delivered 1-2-1 and run for 12 consecutive weeks, with each session lasting for 1 1/2 hours.

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Not feeling sexually confident can limit our possibilities of finding a romantic partner. Struggling with shame, shyness and being unable to ask for what we need, often leave us feeling incapable of finding a loving relationship. The anxieties we feel about our bodies, our performance and past experiences can often shape the way we view relationships and result in growing feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness.

Together, we will cover all aspects of sexual confidence, from developing greater self-esteem, and undergoing a personal makeover, to learning confidence-boosting flirting skills, and the knowledge needed to become a great lover.

We will also work through feelings of sexual shyness and shame, and develop a sexually assertive approach, ensuring you feel both comfortable and excited when entering a sexual situation. By allowing us to help you, you will finally be able to remove blocks in your sex life and move forward into a loving relationship.

Lover skills

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Sexual Assertiveness

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Sexual Shyness & Shame

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  • You are nervous about having sex and lack experience sexually
  • You don’t know how to have sex, but want to enjoy sex and be a great lover
  • You feel sex is holding you back from meeting someone
  • You struggle sexually and worry about your sexual needs and wanted
  • You have uncomfortable feelings around shame and need to explore these
  • You struggle with low self-esteem
The Art of Flirting

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Develop Self Esteem

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Personal Makeover

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Practical Sex Training

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