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London Love School’s one-on-one dating classes ideal for shy, nervous men.

Emese Taylor, 02 June 2017

Nerves and a bit of apprehension are common in the world of romance but for some men it can affect their ability to bag a date. The launch of London Love School’s creative and engaging one-on-one dating skills course is set to give shy men the skills, tips, and practical advice that they need to charm their way to love.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and different strands of research, a qualified psychologist backs the course. The course is designed to overhaul dating skills and get students out of a rut or negative frame of mind. When it comes to dating, shyness can often lead to a feeling over being overwhelmed and lack of confidence. Recognising this, developing conversation skills features as a core part of the tuition, helping those that get tongue tied or anxious when chatting to someone new. Building up communication skills and highlighting body language signals to keep an eye out for ensures that those taking part in the course are on their way to becoming expert conversationalists.

Emese Taylor, Psychologist and Founder of London Love School, said, “Confidence has a vital role to play on the dating scene but for shy men it’s often something that holds them back. Learning how to effectively strike up a conversation and keep it going can give self-esteem a boost and the assurance that they need to go ahead and approach someone who’s caught their eye. Through the preparation and insight the course delivers, shy men know they are better equipped to go on their dating journey.”

London Love School offers individual tuition that means that courses can progress as the pace of every student, and offers the perfect solution for men battling with their nerves. Rather than feeling overwhelmed in a group class, students can build up an instant connection with Taylor and feel immediately at ease. Other areas covered in the dating skills course include dating etiquette, online profile writing, the art of flirting, and understanding female types, combining to create a perfectly balanced and comprehensive tuition for dating success.

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