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Virginity in Later Life

Later life virginity can seem like a terrible burden for many who haven’t found themselves offered the chances others may have enjoyed. My intention is to equip you with a solid foundation to rebuild your confidence and allow you to embark upon a future of fulfilling intimacy.

Put your fears behind you and step out with renewed confidence with my in depth coaching around the  the issues of later life virginity and how to overcome your very understandable insecurities.


Later life virginity can seem like a terrible burden to many who haven’t found themselves offered the chances others may have enjoyed. My intention is to equip you with a solid foundation to rebuild your confidence and allow you to embark upon a future of fulfilling intimacy.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to explore difficult feelings. Together we will focus on development that can easily be integrated into real-life for effective, long-lasting results and I believe in a flexible approach delivered at your own pace.

Guidance is delivered on a 1-2-1 basis and runs for 12 consecutive weeks, with each session lasting for 1 1/2 hours.

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Losing one’s virginity is seen as a rite of passage in today’s society for all of us, be we male or female and regardless of our sexual persuasion, but for many events conducive to intimacy have yet to come about.

This can make us feel as though we have missed our time or that there is something wrong with us which combined with cultural pressures can become a crippling source of insecurity. These pressures can lead to us withdrawing from relationships through fear of the act itself and worries about being ridiculed or disappointing to a potential partner.

Whilst uncommon, virginity in later life does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. Even if your own path differs from society’s expectation, there are many reasons as to why this occurs and as with any problem there are many solutions to your dilemma. The only thing holding you back is your own anxiety, anxiety that can grow within us for a variety of reasons ranging from a religious upbringing to issues with self esteem.

As with many of the concerns and stresses we carry around, these fears are largely self-inflicted and whilst they can be a huge factor in prohibiting us from future happiness, I am happy to guide you towards a more positive outlook and help you find the confidence you need.

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  • You are concerned that your time for sexual intimacy has passed.
  • You are unsure on how to approach the subject with a potential partner.
  • Issues of self esteem are stopping you from reaching your true potential.
  • You are worried that you won't know how to perform physically.
  • You have feelings of insecurity based on your lack of sexual experience.
  • You are ready to embrace a future of sexual possibility!
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