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Procrastination – An Ape’s Life.

Emese Taylor, 06 June 2017

A creative piece by one of our clients that explores their own experience with procrastination and we are very thankful for permission to reproduce it for you here.

Procrastination is a dozy ape, which wants to do nothing but sit around and eat shoots. He wants to grow fat on sitting around waiting for David Attenborough to show up and interview him in his habitat and make him famous. He wants to keep himself ready for the right time to make strolls out of the bushes. He wants to stay mentally sharp for when that great job offer comes into his clearing and says to him you are the ape we have been looking for.

Sometimes, when he is sitting there, chewing on some leaf, looking about all alert and ready, he gives himself an encouraging talk. He says things like

“I’m a bit tired today. I’ve got to look after myself and pace myself.”
“Once I have groomed my coat, I will be ready.”
“You know, you are not quite ready to do this yet. Hang on a little”.
“They do have a point; maybe this is not the direction I should go.”
“You can’t do this. You’ve tried this before and it did not end well.”
“You need to hold on to this hurt a little longer.”
“You need to wait for justification.”
“You need to be acknowledged for who you are.”

Every now and then, the ape gets really mad, and he charges at any challenge in front of him with whole lot of anger and bravado. He feels a rush, a mist of decisiveness and surprises himself with how effective he has been. Then he trips over a rock and lands square on his face. The indignity and shock makes him think he better off stick to chewing shoots and waiting for the world to come to him. He smiles at himself and says, “ Oh well, I did try, but it wasn’t enough this time.

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