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Finding your perfect partner - Part 2.

Emese Taylor, 02 June 2017

Looking back at your previous relationships can often be an invaluable way to plan for your next successful partnership. Whilst dwelling on past experiences can be unhealthy, it is very beneficial to reflect and evaluate the positive aspects of those people you have spent time with. What traits delighted you? Which infuriated you? We are all a sum of our experiences and our preferences and opinions are formed by these. Allow them to guide you towards an image of what it is you would like to find and keep these aspects in mind for your decision making. Remember also though to keep an open mind at all times.

If you are looking to build a sustainable relationship, a foundation to build a loving future upon, then it is vital that you and your partner-to-be are on the same page. Whilst it might be tempting to see which way the wind blows in your new relationship, a more efficient way to approach things is to have a set idea about your goals. Are you looking to get married in the near future? Are children a concern? It’s worth being honest about this at an early stage, to be sure that both yourself and your potential romantic interest shared the same goals for the future.

Another interesting exercise is to consider is to create an imaginary profile for your ideal partner. Not only is this a fun exercise but it can also prove invaluable when it comes to identifying good potential profiles. Make a list of the top three most important things you would like to find a new partner. Maybe someone who likes to travel or perhaps someone more comfortable enjoying a new cinema release. The more things you have in common, the easier it is to engage with that special someone. This is especially true for people are who a little shy, so bear it in mind.

Never the less, it can be a daunting task to write your own profile. Whilst the majority of today’s sites and apps will do their best to guide you through the process, a helping hand can always be of benefit so don’t be afraid to ask a friend to help, or simply look over your completed profile once complete to get a fresh perspective.

It’s understandable that you might feel a little uncomfortable asking a friend to get involved, but there are services available online that can help you put together an impressive profile and help you move towards the warmth and commitment you deserve.

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