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Winning new friends and strengthening our Social Skills.

Emese Taylor, 10 July 2017

Something that many people don’t consider when it comes to ways to meeting a new partner is the importance friendships can play in this. Our friends are something we very much take for granted when growing up, be that tumbles and scraps in the playground being all it takes to secure a new companion or conversations more easily struck up in nightclubs and bars when we were all a little less self aware and worried about breaking conventions.

But as we mature in years it becomes harder and harder to form new friendships and remarkably easy to let the ones we do have fall to the wayside. Distractions such as careers or romantic relationships can all contribute to us drifting away from those treasured friends we once held so close. Maybe our companions have moved to other cities or parts of the world? Maybe they are parents and have no time to socialise?

However it happens, it’s not at all uncommon to realise that a once vibrant friendship group has all but disappeared. This can lead to a lack of self worth if we are not able to spend time in other’s company and not being to talk through our emotions and feelings with a sympathetic companion will only compound any negative feelings we are experiencing.

How then should we best remedy this? Unsurprisingly, technology has once again come to our rescue and there are a number of apps and websites that work very similarly to how you would expect dating products to work, by connecting like minded people based on mutual interests.

There are many such apps and sites out there but there are also lots of more traditional methods of meeting new people and having fun. Try looking in your local newspaper or classified advertisement sites and see if you can find any activities near you to get involved in. This could range from film nights, to book clubs, to wine tasting and even more active pursuits like sports, indoor rock climbing and many others.

Evening classes are another great option. Is there another culture you are interested in? Why not try to learn a new language or maybe some cookery classes? Not only will you be picking up new skills and expanding your horizons, you will also be meeting new people and finding many new opportunities to make new friends and acquaintances.

It can still be daunting interacting with new people, especially if you have been out of the loop for a while. But such interactions can have many positive effects and open up new doorways and chapters of life for you.

If you would like to learn more ways to increase your confidence and bolster you social life, click HERE to find out more ways that we can help you.

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