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Emese Taylor

Sex Coach

My Philosophy

The London Love School was born out of a desire to help people create rewarding, fulfilling and loving relationships which will enable them to fully reach their potential.

I genuinely believe that we are all trying to create the best possible lives for ourselves — but often we face emotional blocks, arising from difficult past experiences, which prevent us from moving forward. Self-doubt, fear and judgment play their parts, and we feel forever condemned to repeating the same mistakes. By working through challenging issues, and uncovering our true selves, we are able to begin again, and take strides forward in our lives.

The Tree of Life, 1905 Gustav Klimt
Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

Our emotional responses, our thoughts and behaviours, are all self-taught, and can certainly be unlearned, or adjusted and improved. Everyone possesses the ability to replace old habits and create new ones. No matter who you are and whatever your experience, good or bad, there is always the potential for personal development, and to grow into a happier new you.

As a mentor I will guide on a journey of your own making, to a place of authentic, soulful growth and personal development.


Personal development at the London Love School is a fun, enjoyable experience which brings out the best in those to whom I gladly offer my assistance. While I am very committed to your growth and ensuring you receive tangible aid, I find an interactive and participatory style helps those in my charge to embed their new knowledge more quickly and efficiently.

I use techniques from Solution-Focused and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, as well as elements of Life Coaching, to create engaging and practical instruction. We set and review goals on a weekly basis, and with every session we develop new skills that can be immediately implemented into daily life.

Having worked with many people over the years, I am very well aware of the need for immediate change and development. The techniques I use create a series of small changes which build confidence in the process and so enable participants to consider the possibility of more challenging development — changes that before, felt impossible, now feel within reach.


I am grateful I have been given the opportunity and skills to turn my passion into my profession and help people grow. The London Love School is not only a business but an organisation committed to developing human potential.

Helping people work through issues in their lives and seeing how this change manifests itself, brings meaning to my life and work. As a mentor, I work with clients on every step of their journey and appreciate the privileged position this allows me.


Diploma in Behavioural Analysis
Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre training
Brief Solution-Focused Therapy
Regents College Psychosexual foundation course



"I attended London love school extremely nervous with a huge sense of shame. Em welcomed me and made it very easy for me to explain how I felt and my condition. She was extremely knowledgable and it was as If she was reading my mind as we spoke about the difficulties I had faced."
John, London SW19