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The importance of a tidy household.

Emese Taylor, 03 July 2017

It’s all gone like clockwork. The date has gone wonderfully, the chemistry between you is on fire and it looks like they are going to come back to yours for a coffee and maybe more. What sort of first impression will they be greeted with and what can you do to maximise this impact?

We are all individuals and our living space will be a reflection of our interests, hobbies and life experiences but it’s worth considering how these artifacts of ourselves will appear to guests who are still getting to know us.

This doesn’t mean that you have to live in a perpetual safe space with nothing left to chance, but if you are expecting company then it’s worth breaking out the dishrags and feather dusters and maybe putting your copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey” or collection of vintage “Adult Interest” magazines to the back of your bookshelf!

Walk through your house or flat and imagine that you are seeing everything for the first time. You might be surprised and a little shocked at the first impression that is conjured up by this! That little cobweb in the bathroom you have been meaning to brush away for months will look like a glaring oversight, that layer of dust on your bookshelf that you’ve never noticed will make you seem inattentive and the pile of unwashed dishes in the kitchen are going to make you look less than attractive.

Where’s the fun in being offered a cup of coffee only to find out your host has no clean cups?

The point of this is, it’s very easy to grow accustomed to our own space and used to our own mess. We stop seeing it, it becomes our environment and we accept this. But to a house guest the product of a gradual build up can appear to be complete disarray!

Of course, a good home makeover isn’t just for the benefit of potential guests. Spending an afternoon cleaning, dusting and making your floors sparkle can also be a massively therapeutic experience and often serve as the trigger to a renewed lust for life. If you work from home or otherwise spend a lot of time there it is important that this space is conducive to a positive outlook, which is not going to be helped by overflowing bins and a dirty carpet.

On a final note and to bring everything into context of the grand scheme of things, a tidy, pleasant living environment can work wonders for your own self esteem as well as impressing a potential partner. As well as this, routines have time and time again proved to be effective in building self confidence, so learning to clean, tidy, put things away and maintaining a general standard of hygienic tidiness will help you to feel good about yourself and the space you are in.

At the London Love School, we offer a short form course with practical advice on how to give your home the make over that it deserves. Click HERE for more details.

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