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Sex During Pregnancy.

Emese Taylor, 14 November 2017

Pregnancy is a time of great change in a woman’s body. For some this can result in a heightened sex drive and for others quite the opposite can be the case, with neither outcome considered the norm. Desires can fluctuate, dependent on many factors such as changes in emotional responses as well as the fatigue and nausea commonly associated with pregnancy.

To put aside some common concerns on the issue however, sex or orgasm can not cause a miscarriage or early labour and sex during pregnancy is not considered harmful, unless you have been specifically been told that there is a reason to avoid it by your doctor or midwife. Your child will also be unaware of what is occurring, so you need not worry about your baby disapproving of your actions!

On a purely technical level, your child can not be hurt by the act of love making. The penis does not go beyond the vagina during intercourse, so don’t worry about your child feeling the act itself, although you may need to adjust your behavior, the sexual positions you chose to employ for example, to maintain comfort.

A woman might feel self conscious about the changes that are taking place with her body and consider herself less attractive in her current state. The morning sickness associated with the first trimester will also take it’s toll, but it is not uncommon for desire to return once this passes and the initial reaction to bodily changes have been acclimatised.

It is very common for sex to feel different during pregnancy. Some women report that sexual pleasure can be heightened due to increased blood flow to the genital area and higher levels of estrogen and progesterone causing a change in sensation. Some may find this awkward however and others find the increase in sensitivity uncomfortable or too strong for them.

The breasts will usually become more sensitive and their shape and size is likely to change making them feel more tender. Some can find this to be an extreme turn on where as others are liable to find this change unpleasant. There is no right answer as to how you should be feeling during your term and it is down to the individual and their partner to decide on what is right for them.

If sex is uncomfortable for you then it is worth looking for alternate means of mutual pleasure instead. There are many other erotic activities that can be enjoyed, such as oral intercourse and mutual stimulation and you and your partner are free to experiment to find ways of making sex as comfortable and pleasurable for you both.

There are other psychological barriers that may play a part in one’s desire to make love. For some, the stresses and anxiety of becoming a parent and concerns about the approaching labour will be enough to diminish the sex drive. Other issues such as the impending changes in lifestyle and financial responsibility can also be factors inhibiting libido.

Remember, there are many ways to express intimate love with your partner. If you are not comfortable having sex then you can still enjoy each other’s bodies in different ways. Hugs, kisses and other forms of closeness are still available. Be sure to communicate your desires and needs and to address any concerns that you or your partner may have.

If you would like to discuss the matter in more detail, then we would be only too happy to address the issue with you. Feel free to get in touch to arrange an appointment if you would like to learn more.

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