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Female Sexual Issues

Though often not easy to talk about, there are a variety of sexual issues that women face and whilst it might be tempting to ignore problems, such as painful intercourse, lack of sexual desire and even porn addiction, it is a far better to confront and ultimately solve your problems.

My aim is to enable you to move past blocks and inhibitions towards a happy and fulfilling sex life.


When discussing your concerns, my aim is to offer a laid back, non judgmental environment and cover a wide variety of sexual issues, such as painful intercourse, negative sexual feelings and Vaginismus.

We will focus on learning that can easily be integrated into real-life for effective, long-lasting results and I believe in a flexible approach delivered at your own pace.

I am happy to tailor your experience during our time together to your particular concerns. Generally, I would expect a period of 12 consecutive weeks to complete, however, I would expect that you will begin to feel positive changes after just two or three sessions.

Guidance is delivered on a 1-2-1 basis and runs for 12 consecutive weeks, with each session lasting for 1 1/2 hours.

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There are a large variety of sexual issues that can affect women, ranging from Vaginismus, painful intercourse, shyness when it comes to one’s sexual skills or negative feelings with regards to sex due to previous traumas.

Though more commonly associated with men, women are also able to suffer from sex and porn addictions, which can strike for a number of reasons and prove to be a harmful influence on an individual’s life.

Many are also concerned about sex during and after pregnancy and these are matters that I am also happy to discuss with you.

My intention is to give you an opportunity to work through issues holding back your love life. Working within a supportive environment, together we will uncover why sexual problems occur, work through blocks like anxiety over performance, and seek to reset your thinking about sex.

Using tried-and-tested techniques, I will remove negative barriers to intimacy and allow you to move forward in a happy relationship, with confidence and satisfaction.

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  • You suffer from or are worried by Vaginismus
  • Anorgasmia, or the inability to achieve orgasm is damaging your sex life
  • Unusual sexual desires or fetishes you have are a cause of concern
  • You are concerned about your lack of sexual desire
  • You think you may be addicted to pornography
  • You find sexual intercourse painful