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Overcome Anxiety

Excessive worry, stress and anxiety can hold us back from reaching our goals in life. Entering a dating situation or beginning a relationship can bring up many difficult feelings for us and our anxiety can all too easily prevent us from seeking the life we want.


Over 12 consecutive weeks, with each session lasting for 1 ½ hours, we will explore the steps necessary to take control of and finally overcome your anxiety. Optional units include self-esteem, conversation skills, and developing your social life.

I offer a highly engaging and interactive experience with quizzes, games and practical instruction which helps to embed learning and I believe that a flexible approach, delivered at your own pace, is more conducive to the healing process.

I find an adaptive approach to our technique to be beneficial and are more than happy to spend more time on particular units, if this is helpful to you and your goals

40% to 60% of adults say they are shy


Are you a worrier? Do you struggle with anxiety? Worry, stress and anxiety are a natural part of life — however, when we are over-anxious we start to experience problems. Being anxious all the time weakens our confidence and makes everyday life very difficult.

Together we will seek to break negative cycles of thinking and use techniques to build self-esteem and question negative beliefs. We may also work on conversational skills needed to build confidence in social settings, and work to create a social life and support network to help you on the journey.

By examining our thoughts and behaviours and by challenging our negative assumptions, you will finally be able to break out of the difficult trap of anxiety.

Develop Self Esteem

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3 Million in the UK suffer anxiety - we are definitely not alone!

Personal Makeover

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Improve Your Social Life

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Conversation Skills

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  • You suffer from anxiety and want to start living a worry-free life
  • You struggle to meet new people and hold conversations
  • You would like to improve your social life and make new friends
  • You find anxiety hinders you in everyday life
  • You want to meet someone and negative thinking is getting in the way of this
  • You suffer from low self-esteem and need help to feel better